Top 10 Movie MILFs of All Time

We have identified the top 10 Psychedelic Display sirens who just Leave a deep, lasting impression on their viewers. In their screen roles, they all play the roles of mothers, the sort of MILFs that gloomy dreams are made of. You would not tell from their appearances, but many of them are all also mothers in their off-screen own lives. Beautiful, intelligent and resilient, here are 10 girls who managed to enhance their individual brand of pure seductive femininity through real or onscreen motherhood.

Sara on-screen mistress into Denzel Washington’s corrupt cop Alonzo’s Salvadoran, with whom her character also shares a son. Washington was rewarded for stepping from his typecast by taking on this anti-hero part with an Academy Award. He had the joy of watching Eva Mendes nude in one of the steamier scenes of the film.

10. Jennifer Coolidge – American Pie (1999)

In American Pie, Coolidge cemented her onscreen sex kitten Character, when she played the role of mythical, steamy Jeanine Stiffler, much better called Stiffler’s mom. The buxom blond cougar makes lucky Paul Finch the envy of his friends. She’s in actuality, the main reason behind the invention of the acronym MILF, that was initially used in Western Pie by one of the many admirers lusting after her.

In actual life, Coolidge is also a mom to 2 children herself.

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