The 13 Most Over-Hyped Pregnancies of Hollywood Celebs

Humans have a series of emotions going on in the phases of life. Being in a relationship, getting married and having a kid is one of them. Having a baby with the person you love is the most amazing feeling in the entire world. And celebrities are not afraid o conquer that feeling! Take a look at the list of celebrities who were very happy to announce their pregnancies and were very public about it. As well as some who wanted to keep the good news to themselves until they were really sure the world needs to know.

13. Kim Kardashian

People usually have mild inconveniences during pregnancy but acknowledge the fact that they are happier. Kim does not feel that way. She said it was the worst experience in her life. I do not understand how people enjoy it. She only remembered the back aches and pains during the time. She also said that she mostly felt she was not in her own skin. Kim has two babies with husband Kanye West and she had the third one through surrogacy because she said she could not take another pregnancy.

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