The 13 Hottest Ex-Girlfriends of Leonardo DiCaprio

Let’s face it, Leonardo DiCaprio is the new George Clooney of All Hollywood. He’s got a game like no other man. With an astonishing cast of ex-girlfriends, he deserves to win the Oscar for dating. Leo has dated at least one girl that you’ve fantasized about, probably more. You will not be disappointed with the bombshell that is number one.

13. Naomi Campbell

We congratulate Leo for having a fling with the fierce Naomi Campbell in 1995. Not every man can handle her undying hotness. She acted as a catalyst to Leo’s supermodel addiction. The duo is still friends… Friends with benefits perhaps? We could only hope. Naomi isn’t only an insanely hot icon, she started her own lingerie line. The blend of beauty and brains make her an incredibly sexy woman.

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