List of 15 Pairs of Celebrities Who Cannot Stand Each Other

Celebrities share a lot of moments together. they share happiness, sadness, fame, infamy, friendships, and animosity. Spending so much time together reveals the true aspects of one’s personality, which can be totally adorable or utterly disturbing. As celebrities have their lives in the spotlight, their moments of negative energy are often very much public. Take a look at these 15 celebrities who cannot even stand each other anymore.

15. Martha Stewart Against Gwyneth Paltrow

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Apparently, Martha Stewart was not very happy with Gwyneth entering her field. She said that Paltrow is an actress and if she is any good at it, she would not be requiring lifestyle coaching as a business. She mocked her divorce by naming one of her recipes after it. to which, Paltro also responded by naming her recipe after a dark incident in Martha’s life, when she went to jail for the fraud case. It all started in 2014.

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