17 Hottests Models That Will Make You Go Mad

16. Claudia Schiffer

You either love or despise Claudia Schiffer. You think That she deserves to be a version or not. This beauty in Germany and her beauty still remains the theme of many conversations. What we think is that Claudia Schiffer from certain angles seems amazing, like on the picture that you see above, but there are some images of her that instead show a woman of ordinary beauty.

Truly, these women from Germany have strange attractiveness. Possibly the main reason Claudia appears on some photos fairly, and on others damn ugly is due to lighting and her make-up. In fact, she’s a crazy beauty standing in 181 centimeters plus a proud model who posed for over 50 magazines. Claudia does not care we believe her pretty or beautiful because each second, this woman earns someone’s monthly wages.

This blonde/brunette beauty stems in the Frisians. In a

One of the best features of this gem of a lady is her perfect Face shape and her blue eyes of an unusual shade. Doutzen’s beauty and charisma made her be that the surface of this L’Oreal brand for five years long. Additionally, her beauty made her become one of those best-paid versions in the Earth, with her earnings being $8 million in 2008. Beauty definitely overlooks occasionally, and that’s how it is with this Frisian stone. Besides being a model, Doutzen is also a philanthropist, AIDS activist, and a celebrity.

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