16 Female Celebrities Who Fought With Addiction Behavior

Life in Hollywood can be full of stardom and fame, but all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Many of the star-struck beauties in this industry were found battling with the drug addiction.

We often find ourselves in circumstances so cruel and so dark, that we want assistance. And celebrities are no different than normal human beings, despite the fact that they have so many spotlights on them all the time. But do we need to look at them for such stories only for some entertainment? No. We can seek them as examples as to how they fought and overcame their battles with the help of their loved ones. Or in some sad cases, how they lost their lives in the quest of self-dissolution.

Here is a list of famous female celebrities who were found battling with drug addiction. Also, how they became an inspiration or cautionary tale for the others.

16. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst starring in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man was caught with drug abuse. She was sent to a rehabilitation┬ácenter for timely recovery. In her acting, singing and modeling career, she has a net worth of 25 Million USD.

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