13 Famous Celebrities And Their Adorable Pets

For centuries mankind has been keeping animals as their property and seeking their companionship. First humans tamed the wolves to help them with the hunting of the animals and then bred them until they ended up with the creatures we call dogs. But nowadays we don’t keep pets for hunting but they have a whole new purpose now. We keep pets because we find them adorable and we need to share their cuteness with the world.

We take their pictures and make their videos and we share them with everyone else on social media and hope their cute or funny moments might go trending and Celebrities are no different they also need to share the pictures of their cute pets and we are rating the most famous pets of the celebrities according to their celebrity status and by their appearance in TV shows or Interviews.

13. Tom Holland

Picture Source: Youtube

Tom Holland iconic for his role as the new Spiderman in Marvel Universe is often seen chilling with his buddy Tessa on Instagram. And Tom also brings her to the Movie Premiere of Spiderman Homecoming. Tom loves taking care of Tessa and we can see his love for her in this picture.

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