13 Celebrities With Plastic Surgery You Should Definitely Know About

Celebrities are not only famous because of their talents, but also because of their looks. They have to work really hard to keep themselves fit and attractive for the camera and audience. However, these days the medical science had remarkable win-wins in the plastic surgery department. The celebrities would not hesitate to get a few lip fillers, facelifts or fat implantation here and there.

So take a look at the list below and see who had the guts to take the plastic surgery and admit it in front of the media. And who had a really bad experience with it so they would just continue to be their natural selves.

16. Cardi B

The famous rapper who got famous in 2017 is very open about her interest in cosmetic surgeries. She said she had some illegal treatments for accentuating her hips. She explained that in order to undergo a liposuction treatment, it was required to have additional fats in her body which could be then transferred to the hips. But as she did not have any excessive fats in the past. And was very desperate to have a noticeable physique.

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