12 Celebrities Who Are Seriously Ill (But Have a Successful Career Anyways)

It is hard to be always in the eyes of the public and pretending you are okay when you are not. Many celebrities who look like they do not have a worry in the world, struggle a lot in their actual human life. They may seem rich, but some things are always there to remind you that you cannot buy everything. They can surely buy something to make it easier, but the celebrities also face the diseases. Here is a list of seriously ill celebrities you would not believe. And they will amaze you how incredibly well they settled their career.

These celebrities are not only fighting with the diseases, but they are also being an inspiration for every sick person in the world. They are successfully fighting with the disease and building a successful career or enjoying a happy life. So take a look and see how well they do it!

12. Selena Gomez

Selena was on a world tour in 2013 when she announced that she was suffering from Lupus. It is an autoimmune disorder in which the antibodies attack the person’s own cells. it has severe symptoms and can be fatal, including kidney problems, mouth ulcers¬†and organ inflammation. Although she is using medication to minimize the symptoms of the problem, she canceled her tour and opted for a complete break. Now she has to cope up with it because the disease is not completely curable.

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