12 Celebrities Spotted Without Any Makeup (Scary or Cute?)

Makeup is a serious beauty essential these days. And I am not talking just about celebrities. We normal people can not breathe without it as well! It is hard to imagine life outside the house without that creamy concealer filling in the pores, flaws, and wrinkles of the skin. And to imagine how pale we might look without a little something on those apples of the cheeks.

Celebrities are not only in need of makeup, but they are also obsessed with it too. But rarely, some occasions occur when they just give up. Like a normal person, they et there skin breathe for a while. Then they decide to take a picture or post in the social media! Or unluckily, the photographers from magazines catch them red-handed without makeup. Well, it is not a big deal now, because many of the celebrities are ready to tell the world how beautiful they naturally are! take a look at this list of celebrities without makeup and see how they look!

12. Lady Gaga

 ladygaga without makeup
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Lady Gaga is known to sport many different kinds of looks we could never imagine. She has done it for the stardom. But it takes a load of makeup to be a drag queen. And here, she shares a casual picture of herself without any makeup. She looks very different, but it is very nice to see how she accepts her beautiful natural self.

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