12 Best Characters From Friends No One Can Ever Forget

Although it has been a lot of years, the ”Friends” fever does not seems to cool off. It is still the best thing you could binge watch (not necessarily before an exam). It is also the best thing to remember in bits and pieces whenever you got a little gloomy thing going on (in actual life). And what makes this precious sitcom memorable, is the ensemble of so different but related set of characters from Friends which stayed together through thick and thin, and made these beautiful memories. So here is a list of 12 most memorable characters from friends that you could never forget.

1. Monica, The Competitive Beauty

Over the years, Monica Geller lost a lot of weight. We hadn’t noticed that until we saw her giggle in that fat suit eating a lot of cookies. She surely transformed into a beautiful, hygienic (almost obsessive-compulsive) and a wonderful chef. She was organized, and also would not let you win. Monica was freakishly strong, because duh, had a history of obesity. She was a gorgeous brunette, tormented by her mother on her looks and career choice. She will always be an important part of friends because most of the group began, thanks to her.

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