11 Female Celebs Who Are Not As Rich As Ellen DeGeneres (And 5 Who Are)

Everybody loves Ellen, and Ellen loves everybody. No wonder we cannot switch the channel or talk when she is talking because no one wants to miss that clever punchline hidden creatively under her sentences. And the dance moves! She is no doubt the most popular and one of the richest celebrities in Hollywood. But what about the others? So here is a comparison of the net worth of some popular female celebrities with Ellen Degeneres, so have a look at who is there and who is not there yet.

11. Britney Spears (220 M)

Britney is not as Rich as Ellen Degeneres
Source stmed.net

The pop-rock sensation Britney Spears is not just any musical diva. She is the legendary music artist who gave rise to pop culture and her net worth sums up to 220 Million USD which are a little less than Ellen DeGeneres, which are about 250 Million USD.

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